Our method


In our small classes (from 4-12 students) you will have plenty of opportunities to speak. Our teachers are constantly interacting with individual students, asking questions and helping with the answers. Students also ask each other questions, with the teacher helping with both the question and the answer. We work together with our students to make sure that everything that is spoken in class is grammatically correct. The teacher also corrects pronunciation.



We use our class time to practice speaking, and this means that students naturally improve their listening skills.   We also have dictation exercises.  We provide audio companions for both the textbook and the workbook.  We recommend that you listen to the audio companions on a daily basis.



Our course materials contain excellent, easy to understand grammar explanations and our teachers will help you learn the grammar and use it in conversation. While learning grammar rules is useful, it is also important to learn to speak grammatically correct English without having to first think of the grammar rule. 



In class you will do dictations and at home you will do written exercises in your workbook. Experience tells us that students who read a lot and develop confidence speaking can improve their writing skills considerably.



All the vocabulary has been translated into Mongolian. You can also study the course vocabulary online. Our Online Vocabulary System offers our students the world’s most advanced online learning techniques. 


Learning materials

Talk Talk English is one of the few schools in the world that produces comprehensive and professional teaching materials.  Our course materials have been developed over thousands of hours of teaching and writing. Authors Patrick Kennedy (DELTA, Trinity TESOL, BA Hons) and Jeremy Green (BA, TEFL) developed our first editions in 2008. In 2011, we launched our fully illustrated second edition course materials incorporating an innovative range of new learning techniques.

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Date: 2013-03-20
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