Our experience in Mongolia

We have a lot experience training corporate groups from mining corporations, banks, hotels, construction companies, government departments, hospitals, retailers, NGO’s, State organisations, importers, computer companies, law firms, universities, embassies, and cashmere manufacturers.



What level of English do your employees have now?

We have developed an effective assessment that provides us with a good indication of the student’s current level and at the same time identifies specific training needs.


What is the best way to train your employees?

If you have the right number of people at the same level we would recommend group lessons. Group lessons can be done at your offices or at our school. If your group has many different levels we would recommend your employees attend courses in our school.  


How do we evaluate training effectiveness?

At the end of every corporate course our teachers write student evaluations. We also examine the students at the end of the course and provide you with the scores.


How can you get the best deal?

We can work out the most cost effective way to train your staff. If you have a number of students at different levels your organization can save money by making an advance purchase of lessons. Alternatively, you can set up an employee discount scheme that allows your employees to study at our school with a significant discount.


Find out more

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Date: 2013-03-25
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